TS 1,25' and 2' filter drawer review


Teleskop Service offers filter drawers for quick changing 1,25" or 2" filters. It's only 15 mm thick and has M48 or T threads on both sides. It's thicker (and lighter) than filter wheels and maybe useful in setups where backfocus is very short (short fl reducer/corrector or a lens). It looks like so:

TS Filter drawer screwed to a camera
Drawer and the filter holder
Filter holder

Simple two element design - the drawer and removable filter holder. It works as it should, but there are few minor issues to take into account.

It is likely that you will also need a T2 locking ring to block male T-thread from blocking the filter holder inside. Most of accessories will have long T-threads and those must use those locking rings so that the thread won't go deep inside the drawer.

Second you have to look out for the filter thread. If it will go out on the oposite side of the holder - it won't fit in the drawer - so it may not be screwed in completely. Also note that changing a low profile Astronomik at night may not be very easy ;)

Third - both screws (the one that locks the holder and the one that is use and the holder handle) look the same, which may be confusing.

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