PC Hardware

OCuLink and Thunderbolt 3/USB4 eGPU on Linux with GPD Win Max 2

Testing performance and support for eGPU solution under Linux

Benchmarking various Linux distributions on GPD Win Max 2

Ryzen 7840U versus Linux. How does it perform and what's the difference versus Windows.

Blast from the past - stand alone DVD movie player

A review of a stand alone DVD/CD movie player from Aliexpress

Adapting custom eGPU cases for OCuLink eGPU setups

Trying to use existing eGPU enclosures with GPD Win Max 2 and OCuLink boards

Benchmarking OCuLink and USB4 eGPU with Nvidia desktop cards on GPD Win Max 2

Performance scaling for Nvidia graphics cards as eGPU for Win Max 2

Testing cheap KVM USB/HDMI switch and HDMI display merger

Easy display and peripherals switching with a KVM and merging HDMI displays for monitoring projects

Creating a local 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet network with a switch, USB-C, and PCIe cards

Using keepLINK switch, USB-C, and PCIe 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet cards to make a fast local network

Testing Erying i7-12700H mini ITX motherboard

A custom mini-ITX motherboard with mobile Intel CPU can be used as a SFF desktop.

Programming and electronics

PC scripting and monitoring with microcontrollers and custom components

Custom displays, LED, sensors and more. Custom V-slot PC cases, power monitoring done with microcontrollers and custom components.

CloudCannon as a git based headless CMS for static site generators

Showcasing CloudCannon with 11ty as a headless CMS service

Making a lighthouse-fast website with a static site generator like 11ty

Creating an SSG flow to generate a highly optimized static website.

Carbon - export your code as pretty images

Carbon is a PNG/SVG code exporter for social media and presentations.

Ngrok - expose your localhost to the web

Ngrok is a handy tool to temporarily publish your localhost services.

Migrating blog to a static site generator - 11ty versus Astro

Benefits, downsides and the whole journey of migrating to an SSG.

Generating memes and infographics with Pillow

How to generate custom images with Pillow in Python.

Watching docker logs in the browser with Python and Eel

How to create simple applications with web interface


Connecting Canon EOS R cameras to T2 and M48 lenses and telescopes

Adapters for Canon R mount for old lenses and astrophotography.

Light pollution effect on deep space astrophotography

How a bit of light pollution can make nebulosity vanish from images

M27 Dumbbell Nebula in common and exotic bands

Narrowband and bandpass imaging from UV to IR of NGC 6853.

Mounting custom industrial filters in astronomical filter cells

How to mount a 25mm filter in a 1,25' filter cell.

Latest game benchmarks

FFXIV Dawntrail CPU, GPU, and iGPU performance comparison

Testing Dawntrail performance across wide range of PC hardware.

WoW Dragonflight CPU performance comparison

How Dragonflight performance scales across different CPUs, how performant are X3D chips.

WoW Dragonflight GPU performance comparison

Testing various GPUs in WoW Dragonflight

WoW Dragonflight iGPU and mobile chips performance comparison

Testing performance of laptop, nettop, SFF integrated graphics and chips.