PC on ARM - Linux and Windows on ARM


Apple Silicon as well as Snapdragon X Elite ARM-based chips created a wave of competition between x86 and ARM ISA. PC users limited for years to only AMD and Intel chips now have more options and more choices, but this choice comes at a cost.

Windows on ARM isn't Microsoft's first try with ARM and only time will tell if it will manage to grow. Apple having full control over its software and hardware stack fully transitioned to ARM pushing all third-party developers to do the same. Windows native software collection is growing, but it is still limited, and the long tail of legacy apps and drivers will never see any native ARM release.

Linux has excellent ARM support and can be run on low-tier ARM chips like those on Raspberry Pi as well as on prosumer workstations from Ampere, not to mention server side with Amazon and Alibaba custom ARM chips. Android running on mobile phones with ARM chips is also Linux-based.



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