FFXIV Endwalker GPU performance comparison


Using the Endwalker benchmark I compared a selection of graphics cards. The tests were done on a test platform using Ryzen 5800X3D CPU with 2x8GB 3200CL16 RAM kit and using the latest drivers on Windows 11. Benchmark was run at 1080p resolution using low (standard laptop) and high (high desktop) quality presets.

Endwalker benchmark scores for GPUs

Performance scales with GPU compute power pretty much as expected. RX 6950XT result can be a bit surprising but the system could have hit some other bottlenecks (like CPU or other).

For an easier comparison here are FPS numbers for the last scene of the benchmark:

Endwalker benchmark FPS for GPUs

Here the RX 6950 XT scores as expected.

To get some resolution scaling comparison I used a few locations from the live game:

FFXIV Resolution scaling

Gridania Plaza full of players limits the performance no matter the resolution. Other zones and places scale more in line with expectations.

DXVK 2.3 compared to my previous testing works really well. There is no lag for shader compilation on load or after teleporting to a new zone. Still, for my test setup, there are no clear performance gains (it's very hardware-specific):


Quality modes versus performance

The lowest preset Standard Laptop offers around 80% more FPS than the maximum quality one. The impact on image quality can be perceived as rather small - shadows, antialiasing:

Max Low
Max Low
Max Low
Max Low

Image quality comparison between game quality settings

Upcoming Dawntrail changes to graphics fidelity, lighting, and assets resolution will lower the performance but the amount is to be tested. If you don't have a performant system you still should be able to lower the settings to get good FPS. With better lighting and asset resolution the difference between high/low settings should be bigger, and more meaningful.

The game + Windows 11 used around 8048MB RAM and 2356MB VRAM during testing.

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