Final Fantasy XIV benchmarks - dedicated GPU performance scaling


FF14 isn't a game that is demanding for the GPU, yet it does require some amount of GPU performance to offer good gaming experience. You won't have to use the latest and greatest graphics cards.

Graphics cards after CPUs are the second key component of gaming. Aside of standard raster performance things as VRAM amount and speed can affect how well the game will run. And the bigger the resolution the higher the demand put on the graphics card.

Lets start with a simple dedicated graphics card overview (1080p, standard laptop):

FF14 GPU performance overview

The score lines up pretty much according to GPU performance. FF14 is a Nvidia Gameworks title but it looks like there aren't any excessive differences between similar AMD and Nvidia cards - at least for the Endwalker benchmark.

Also note that RX 460 2GB and 4GB got same score - the game has a very low requirement on the VRAM while for many modern AAA games 4GB is getting low or not enough already.

If we look at actual FPS instead of a score numbers, for an RX 460 it looks like so:

RX460 FPS in Endwalker benchmark scenes

For 1080p standard laptop preset it's completely playable but if you would want to increase the resolution you would need a better GPU (RX 460 is a very basic old GPU already). If we take a high end PC the results at high resolution and max settings will be as expected quite high:

FF14 RTX 3070 + R9 5900X
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