FFXIV Endwalker CPU performance comparison


Using the Endwalker benchmark I compared a selection of Intel and AMD CPUs. The tests were done on a test platform using RTX 3070 GPU with 2x8GB 3200CL16 RAM kit and using latest drivers on Windows 11. Benchmark was run at 1080p resolution using a high (high desktop) quality preset.

FFXIV CPU benchmark scores

The results are quite consistent with how each CPU performs in games in general. Intel i5-9400F performs near identical to Ryzen 3500X and Ryzen 5000 can be matched by Intel 12/13th gen CPUs. The X3D CPU with additional cache achieves the best result.

FFXIV CPU FPS benchmarks

Using average FPS from the last benchmark scene we can get an easier-to-grasp metric but we also get GPU bottleneck for the top CPUs - those results aren't a true indications of their performance in this case.

You can also check my previous CPU performance analysis for FFXIV.

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