Magnetic USB-C safety adapters


Apple has MagSafe connectors while USB-C has generic magnetic adapters that perform the same role - safely disconnect the device when the power cable gets pulled.

You can find such adapters in various stores. On top of that, you can opt for an angle adapter if that suits your desk cable layout better. Just note that for 90 degrees angle adapters - if you pull at that 90 degrees the magnet will not disconnect, but if there is some angle or z-axis difference it should disconnect rather easily.

USB-C magnetic adapter
USB-C magnetic adapter
USB-C magnetic 90 degrees adapter

Any twist or angle when pulling the cable will disconnect it. As mentioned pulling the cable along the longer axis will likely hold so keep that in mind.

There is also one annoying flaw of such connectors - it's hard to remove the USB-C part from the slot. Be sure to have some small prying helper tools available.

Disconnecting magnetic USB-C adapter
Disconnecting magnetic USB-C adapter

When tested with a mobile phone those adapters also pass through data, but only one of them, the black one has all the pins passed. And with all those pins exposed, it may be hard for a magnetic connector to last long - but the main goal is safe charging so that should be fine.

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